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Move Over DWTS, Football Is Here And We Are Ordering BeauxJax For Our Draft Party

How could I know what "DWTS" stands for? Well unfortunately all of us football fans have stared aimlessly into the picture tube for the last 5 months, yearning to fill the void left with the absence of football. We reluctantly surrendered control of the wand of the gridiron (the remote) to those non-fans who preyed on our empty souls, to replace our beloved game with scantily clad men and women on Dancing With The Stars. Our hearts left walking through a perverbial dessert, we have spent the last several weeks searching blindly for some sort of pigskin anything, and then on the horizon, our oasis - Fantasy Football Draft Party!

As fans this is the beginning we live for each year. We may not agree on teams throughout the year but when it comes to Fantasy Football there are a few things we do agree on. The process involved with our Fantasy Football Draft party. The process normally looks like this:

1. Find a buddies house with the most Wi-Fi connections

and easiest access to a beer fridge.

2. Grab and stock beer

3. Get rid of non-fans

4. Grab some grub

5. Draw for draft order

Pretty Standard.

This year we want your choice for grub to be no other than BeauxJax Catering. Of course we will bring you our NFL caliber hard hitting flavor, but we believe it's our extensive experience in hosting the perfect draft parties that will take YOUR draft party to the next level. Smash-mouth delicious food and amazing pricing will have you managing your budget like a Hall-of-Fame inducted General Manager. The bronze Hall-of-Fame bust you are picturing is not included, but we can promise you won't receive the "O-M-G Hunny, You spent how much on a fake foozeball party".

To reclaim your mancave the right way, put on your gameday jersey, snatch the remote control back, walk to the phone, and call 318-828-1167. Gameday is almost here. First pick in the draft this year: BeauxJax Catering Party Platters!

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