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BeauxJax Food Spotlight! - PepperJax Mac N Cheese

BeauxJax Food Spotlight

BeauxJax Food Spotlight this week is on our Crawfish PepperJax Mac N Cheese.

Perfectly cooked pasta shells, hot melted Pepper Jack cheese, and sauteed crawfish tails. Top it all off with Parmesan cheese and it makes this dish a unique combination you've just got to try!

Crawfish PepperJax Mac N Cheese w The Works

BeauxJax also gives you added options if you order with "The Works". Add Shrimp, or Sausage to your Mac N Cheese for an additional $4. Or you can add Bourbon Street Chicken for an additional $2.50.

However you choose to order yours, with "The Works" or without, our Crawfish PepperJax Mac N Cheese will leave you craving more. Chef Peanuts take on the traditional dish, adds BeauxJax's unique Cajun signature to an old American favorite!

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