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Daddy Can't Pay . . . It's Ok. We Built Catering That Is Actually Affordable.

Your wedding day is right around the corner, you need to impress important clients, or you have been tasked with feeding the office on a pauper's budget. It's always a tough decision determining just the right food for whatever event you have planned to cater out. Even tougher, may be looking at the price tag after you have made that decision. It's why BeauxJax has built our catering business differently from the beginning.

In 2013, long before BeauxJax ever opened our doors, one of our owner's, Beau Hays married the love of his life. A small, quiet, family wedding was what the two had in their modest newly-wed budget. A small off season beach house rental, a few family crafted decorations, and a sale-rack wedding dress had the two ready to tie the knot. But wait- What were they going to do about food? Thank goodness, Beau and Chef Arron 'Peanut' Hanning were friends long before opening BeauxJax together in 2015. Chef Arron built an amazing wedding spread for his buddy back then and it's kind of always been the same mission from that point forward - "Making Catering Affordable, Again".

These are the pillars that they built their catering business on:


BeauxJax has always believed that cost effective catering begins with a focus on tasty food. Never forgetting what the mission is, (providing rich, flavorful food to be enjoyed) has to be the first step in controlling cost. Many catering companies can get lost in overdoing elaborate setups and gimmick driven, labor intensive hors d'oeuvres whose costs are passed right along to their clients. Presentation is so important and can be created for less, but great tasting food is first.

BeauxJax believes in their food quality so much that they let you try it for free first. They believe that if you are going to invest your hard earned money on your perfect day that it is only right to offer a free no commitment catering consultation and tasting scheduled before you make your decision. Below is one of the most competitively priced catering menus offered at BeauxJax. More expanded menus are available at


There are only a handful of options when it comes to caterers and that creates an opportunity for caterers to elevate pricing - but why? It's true, BeauxJax pricing could be higher, but there is something that just feels right about not exploiting someone's excitement on their special day. The margins still exist for the BeauxJax Crew to make an honest living and for the BeauxJax boys it can easily be made up in hard work.


The easiest way for BeauxJax to save you money on catering is to use our experience to prepare the correct amount of food for your group. Your free catering consultation is as much for you to feel comfortable with us as it is for us to feel comfortable in understanding the make up of your party. Factors such as age, gender, event timing, and much more are crucial pieces to the puzzle of creating a cost effective, perfectly executed catering. This information will all come together during your free catering consultation.


The old saying, "time is money", could never be more true for a busy catering company such as BeauxJax. We have developed an easy process that saves both parties time (allowing us to pass on more savings) and spreading your payment out across a period of time. During your first catering consultation we will develop an initial menu. We will require 25% of your initial quote to hold your date. Your next 25% will be due thirty days before wedding catering and we ask that your menu selections are finalized. Your final bill will be processed 7 days before your event and your initial deposits will be applied to your overall cost.


Perhaps the easiest way for BeauxJax to save you money is to work a little harder. While other catering companies are beholden to seasonal trends, BeauxJax has developed dining options to supplement our slower catering seasons. Our food truck, dine-in options, and corporate catering insure that we never have to pad our financials with your catering to stay afloat. Instead, we can offer you our fairest price.



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