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Meet Orlando: BeauxJax Sold, Never Sold Out!

BeauxJax has changed a lot since our two man food truck operation. The purchase of our Cross Lake location in 2015, gave birth to several new options for our young business. We found ourselves capable of preparing caterings, opening a storefront, and increasing the volume of food we could serve from the food truck. BeauxJax has searched high and low for a way to be able to build on all three of these areas of our business and it wasn't until earlier this year that Orlando walked in our doors, ready to help.

Unless you frequent our Cross Lake Bistro at 5781 S. Lakeshore Dr. you probably have never met Orlando. When you do you'll see he is flying around the shop working on a lot, regardless of the number of people dining in. When you meet him you a sure to be greeted with a smile and he will be ready to serve. Soon after his hiring he developed into a roll that is very important to everything that we do today. At BeauxJax we take great pride in never selling out of food on our food truck, and it takes a team to make that happen. Afterall, if we are sold out, we can't give you what you want, and isn't that kind of the point. Orlando is that key player for us that can take care of you when you dine in but he is also able to take that "hey, we are almost out" call from the food truck or at the catering we are on. Crucial is the ability to constantly be preparing food as we sell it. So the next time you are in line on the food truck and wonder how so much food can come out of our tiny trailer or wonder how we can possibly set up as much as we do, our buddy, Orlando, is a huge part of that.

Our team has definitely grown as of late and periodically, we want to let you know about them and get to know who they are and what they do. Stay tuned to meet the rest of our staff. We are equally proud of all of them.

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